Monday, November 21, 2011

Internship 11/19/11

Today I met with Catherine Alexander and Craig Goodworth (guest curator) at the Bush Barn Art Center. We discussed an art show featuring artist Jessie Reid that I will be helping by acting as liaison between The gallery and Craig. It is an exciting chance to get an inside view of the ins and outs of curating an art show. We discussed some different ideas about arrangement of the pieces, artists statements, and process documentation. In addition, the format of the opening night of the show and the different demographic groups each format tends to attract. The show will be in January as well as February.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today I ended up organizing the decorations from the Holiday Gala artist showcase that was on Friday the 4th. I also volunteered at that function and mingled with the gallery goer's and SAA supporters. That was fun to see some people I knew as well as the shear amount of people was exciting! So anyways on the 8th I organized all of the Hawaiian decorations and cleaned up a bit. I then helped price some prints by an artist by the name of Daniel Ng who does really bright acrylic paintings mostly of countryside scenes in Italy. I then searched the gallery and did some inventory upkeep. Since the flooring was redone some pieces have been shifted around so I located and documented them.

Friday, November 4, 2011

November 1st,
I spent the day preparing pedestals for the Holiday Showcase event for this Friday the 4th which I will be attending and volunteering at. So I sanded and scrubbed the pedestals and eventually painting them. Probably around 11 or so pedestals took all three hours at the gallery. I enjoy working with my hands and I've been working on making frames at home so I'm used to sanding like a mad man.

Friday October 28th,
Today I volunteered to help make decorations for the Holiday Showcase event. We assembled flowers out of rice paper, rope and tape. It was nice to meet some established artists as well as other volunteers from the Salem area.

Tuesday October 25th,
Today I helped decorate the gallery for the upcoming Holiday Showcase/ Gala event that will be on November 4th. I had troubles with setting up Christmas tree lights in the entry way to the gallery. I spent around 2 hours fussing with the lights and they kept breaking! But I learned that gallery work isn't always glamorous socializing with artists and discussing contemporary art movements. I also set up the arrangement for one of the artist's showcase area.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day two 10/11/2011

The Bush Barn Art Center is going to be installing all new sustainably harvested oak (I believe) flooring. So today I worked on packing up a lot of the artwork located in the Gift Gallery section of the Art Center. I also learned how to input different art pieces into their merchandise system I guess is what you'd call it. Toward the end of the day I worked on filling out labels that will be displayed next to the individual art pieces.

First day of internship 10/04/2011

Today I arranged the sculpture for the first SAA membership show at the Bush Barn Art Center. I didn't really know what to expect my first day at the gallery and was pleased with the assignment. I spent the first hour or so moving pedestals down from the second floor before arranging any pieces. The arrangement process took a lot more contemplation that I thought it would. I tried to pay attention to the spacing and placement of each individual piece toward where I thought the majority of people would be viewing from. I subconsciously placed the brightest ceramics toward the back of the room which worked out, from a distance they welcomed the viewer's gaze. Anyways I am pleased with the opportunity of this internship.